Personalised Self-Care Course

Take Care of Yourself in 2021

5-week, Step by Step Course

Is this you?

How often do you tell others to “take care”? How frustrating is it when you see a loved one running themselves ragged and always putting themselves last?

But how often are you that person? Not taking care of yourself or prioritising your own needs, surviving each day, rather than enjoying a fulfilling and wonderful life? Putting off to tomorrow, that which should be embraced today!

Take charge and change the course of your life

Self-care is not a selfish act. It’s essential. It’s about looking after your physical, mental and emotional needs so that you in turn are best able to care for others. Self-care is a way of telling yourself that you matter and that you are important.

Picture your best life. A life where you enjoy great relationships with friends and family. Where you love moving your body. Where you wake up excited and energised by what the day may bring. This is self-care.


Online Zoom Sessions

Recording available on request

  • 16:00 – 17:00 CET
  • Mon 11 January 2021
  • Mon 18 January 2021
  • Mon 25 January 2021
  • Mon 01 February 2021
  • Mon 08 February 2021

Disclaimer: it won’t be all plain sailing

As part of learning the art of self-care, you’ll also learn how to take a look inside yourself without judgement, identifying what it is that puts you out of balance and what holds you back. You’ll learn how to address the cheeky monkey in your head who’s always putting you down.

This learning wont always be easy. You may encounter blockages and you may even feel like giving up. It can take courage.

But it will be transformational

Working with me, I’ll guide you through those tough moments, on a journey of self-discovery and care which will bring with it incredible benefits. Empowering you to transform your life into the brilliant future you love and deserve.

During the course, you’ll work on the 5 pillars of self-care:

Physical: Are you looking after your body? Do you give it the right nourishment and the right type and level of exercise? Are you an all or nothing type person? Together we’ll work on developing healthy and sustainable habits that you love incorporating into your day. So that exercise and eating become a pleasure not a pain!

Social: What’s your social life like? How are your relationships with your family, friends, kids, and partner? Are you surrounding yourself with people who lift you up or are the people around you dragging you down? We’ll look at building those strong and positive relationships, at saying no to those soul sapping experiences and surrounding yourself with people who fuel your soul.

Intellectual and vocational: Much like your body, your mind needs exercise and nutrition. Are you stuck in a job you don’t enjoy? Maybe you need help unearthing what will bring you a real sense of fulfilment? It’s never too late to put fear and self-doubt behind you and to change direction, starting on a journey that excites you or just trying new activities that engage your brain.

Spiritual: Spiritual health is not about religion. It’s about seeing beyond your own existence. Finding positivity and showing gratitude is a fundamental corner stone of self-care and enables us to see a more fulfilling future ahead and a greater sense of wellbeing in the present.

Emotional: Feelings and emotions are at the very heart of everything we do. They can be uplifting, challenging, frightening or bewildering but they are part of life and we couldn’t live without them. Learning to embrace your full range of emotions (good and bad) can be life changing and liberating.

Step by step care

Effective self-care doesn’t happen overnight. It takes planning, practice and consistency. It requires you to dig deep when the going gets tough but also is about celebrating and acknowledging those leaps forward that you’ll Inevitably experience.

Every Monday at 4pm for 5 weeks, starting 11th January, I will talk about one of the above topics on zoom and I hope you can join me. If you cannot make it will be recorded.

Be preferred to do some homework and work on your amazing new life.

Raw food workshop



Now that the holidays are behind us, we are looking for ways to eat healthy after a bit of indulgence. Eating more vegetables is a good place to start!

Would you like to make some fast , easy raw food dishes which are full of nutrion ?

You will learn to make:

  • super salad which you can build up or down
  • raw lasagne
  • raw advocado cake.

We will eat the food together with a nice glass of wine.


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Introduction to Essential Oils


Join Health Coach Ina Messer for a journey into dōTERRA therapeutic-grade essential oils.

Come and learn how these oils can be used as an effective natural approach to yours and your family’s healthcare needs, to address minor ailments as well as affecting and supporting core health in a safe, natural way. When integrated into our lives, these pure, potent essential oils strengthen our overall health and immunity, providing side benefits as opposed to side effects, and supporting us in the prevention of illness and disease (dis-ease).

During the class you will learn:

  • What actually is an essential oil and where they come from
  • Why increasing numbers of people are turning to essential oils
  • The importance of sourcing, quality and potency
  • The 3 main ways to use essential oils effectively
  • 10 key essential oils to use in your home and with your family and how they can support health. Some of the health areas we will discuss include sleep, digestion, pain, immunity, headaches, stress and anxiety.
  • Safety notes

There is always time for questions and our aim is for you to leave more knowledgeable, confident and more empowered in managing yours and your family’s health and wellbeing. There is opportunity to purchase oils to start your own essential oil collection at home if you would like to.

The cost of the class is free !

Please let me know if you can join me, and if not, and you would like to know more get in touch


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