I offer a range of coaching sessions and can tailor them to match your needs

Analysis to target how you can best support and strengthen your body and help with lifestyle changes

Regain control from stress in your life or break bad habits

Simple techniques to relax your face and leave your skin glowing


Coaching Sessions

Coaching helps overcome mental blocks and unleash the best part of your potential. Every person is unique, so is every program. It all depends on your goals and your personal situation. We’ll find together what works best for you.

I’ll work with you to help you transform your life, from identifying your aspirations and dreams and setting some realistic goals, to looking at your diet and exercise regime.

Believe me, the best version of yourself is closer than you think. It’s time to invest in yourself and live a life of your own.

Goal Setting Session | plus email support

Ready for Change | 5 Sessions

Best YOU | Three Month Program

Laser Focus Mini Session | 1 Session

Bio-Energetic Screening

Qest4 Bio Energetic Screening

In Eastern Medicine they believe that the body has a system of energetic channels or pathways including the “Meridian” system that carry the life energy or “chi”. Our bodies are constantly vibrating with frequencies and energy that we do not even see. We are a constantly changing life force. Internet, software, iCloud, Bluetooth and all these amazing things out there, how does it all work? Everything works on quantum physics of frequencies, waves and algorithms. The Qest4 works on the same principals and all the biochemical processes of the body are run by the energy system.

Initial Consultation | 60-90 minutes £70

Follow-ups | 40-60 minutes £50


Hypnotherapy Session

Become aware of your hidden belief system, holding you back from your power.

Hypnotherapy can be used to help you regain control from stress in your life or break bad habits. I will talk you through how to maximise its effectiveness during the initial consultation.

In order for your life to change you have to change your mind!

Initial Session| £75

Subsequent Sessions | £55

Face Gym

Face Gym

Relieve tension headaches and soften deep expression lines and feel amazingly relaxed and energies afterwards, I’ll take you through a range of facial exercises, massage and more.

Weekly Sessions | £5