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If you’re ready to jump into this lifestyle with everything you need to take care of your home and family, toxin free. I’m here!

ONGUARD: All things immune-boosting and the “CAN I EFFORT TO BE ILL?” oil.

WILD ORANGE: Mood enhancer, happiness oil, calming, digestive support, and enhances focus, abundance mindset, and creativity. The “MY DOGS SMELL, QUICK THE VISTITORS ARE COMING” oil to diffuse.

LEMON: cleanse and purify surfaces, remove gunk, diffuse to uplift mood. Sunshine in a bottle. Great for digestion and detoxifying. The “why does my kid draw on the walls with permanent marker” oil.

MELALEUCA: All things skin. Great for respiratory, hair, and immune support. Naturally cleanses. The “I just got a pimple and I am supposed to do a big presentation tomorrow” oil.

OREGANO: The “big guns” for immune function. Great for digestive system and cleaning as well. The “I feel so gross I don’t even care if I smell like Pizza” oil.

PEPPERMINT: Naturally cooling, energizing, invigorating, supports digestion and opens airways. Perfect pick me up. The “It’s 2pm and I can’t drink another coffee but I’m so tired” oil.

BREATHE: Respiratory support for coughs, opens up airways, and promotes easy breathing. Perfect before exercise or meditation. The “oh my goodness the pollen count is so high please make it stop” oil.

DIGESTZEN: Digestive support for nausea, gas, bloating, and abdominal discomfort. The “I ate too many tacos but they were so yummy” oil.

LAVENDER: All things calming. Both for skin and emotions. Great for sleep, hot baths, and stress. The “I can’t turn my brain off at night and I have to be functional tomorrow” oil.

DEEP BLUE: Muscle and Joint tension and discomfort relief, support those with an active lifestyle. The “I haven’t worked out in 2 months and I just ran a mile but I’m not 20 anymore” oil.

FRANKINCENSE: Use this for everything. Literally. It’s amazing. The “What the heck do I use for this, I have no idea” oil.