So you really want to flourish and live your life to the full? 
It would help if you slowed down; I know that it is challenging in a world where being seen as busy is a sign of success. We wear our sleeplessness as a medal. We live on caffeine and fast food, who has time to cook and nourish their body? Emotional we rely on WhatsApp, emails, social media etc. instead of seeing friends. 
Stress is part of life, ranging from minor annoyances like someone snatched your parking place to severe impacts on your lives or others. The source of the stress does not matter to our body, the stress hormones, pounding of the heart, the muscle tense, and your breathing pattern changed regardless of the stress factor.  
It is impossible to live a totally stressful life, but we can reduce our stress level by using techniques to calm us down again.
It must have reached everyone by now to combat stress is relaxation and slowing down. Unfortunately, it is often degraded as lazy, unproductive and pointless.
But if you ignore the call to slow down, the body will decide for you. You know how?? Enforced rest due to suppressed immune function, illness, aches, pains, injury, fatigue, burnout or depression. 
So, just beat the sick bed and build relaxation into your timetable, just like the nourishment of your body with food and drinks. 
What does relaxation look like?
One definition of relaxation is a state of being free from tension and anxiety, resting your mind and body. It is an essential part of self-care.
Can’t sit down in stillness and meditate? No problem the good news for some of you it can be active, 
like singing in a choir, a country walk, having a coffee with your friends.
The opposite of relaxation can help us become crystal clear on what we are aiming for -an absence of tension, striving or conflict. Relaxation encompasses the head, the heart and the body: mindfulness is a core skill.
Why is it so hard to do?
We know it is important to us but finding the time seems impossible for us. We are torn into every direction with different heads on. Squeezed for time, juggling family commitments, work demands, social demands, personal pursuit, and it feels tough to add another think on top of it. 
We often feel guilty giving time to us to relax. Do stop your mindless scrolling down social media or watching mindless TV and use that time to relax.
We usually start our day with coffee to get us going and the glass of wine to relax us. We forgot the knowledge on how to keep our mind calm.
Here are a few steps you could try. They are easy peasy to implement.
Start in small steps. Sometimes even 10 seconds here or there will make a difference to our lives. Try to get it up to 20 minutes when the need or space allows. The quickest way to bring calm to you just stop and breath. I know we breath all the time but really concentrate on breathing in and out and follow your breathing and how your body feels. 
Start implementing mindfulness into your life. Instead then adding another pressure onto your life. Do it with activities you already do every day. Like eating with all your senses and slowly or think about how you dress. 
No time to do Yoga? Stand on one leg or other exercises while the kettle boils. 
Be mindful about your time; next time thing about do I really need to watch TV or could I use the time to have a relaxing bath?
Start putting’ me’ time in your diary. Every week half an hour where you do thinks which helps you to relax. Different for everyone. 
Please prioritise your health and lots of love.