Bio-Energetic Screening

Initial Consultation | 60-90 minutes £70

Follow-ups | 40-60 minutes £50

In Eastern Medicine they believe that the body has a system of energetic channels or pathways including the “Meridian” system that carry the life energy or “chi”. Our bodies are constantly vibrating with frequencies and energy that we do not even see. We are a constantly changing life force. Internet, software, iCloud, Bluetooth and all these amazing things out there, how does it all work? Everything works on quantum physics of frequencies, waves and algorithms. The Qest4 works on the same principals and all the biochemical processes of the body are run by the energy system.

Quest4 Bio Energy

What is the Qest4 and How does it work?

Qest4 is a Bio Energetic Screening system which highlights areas of imbalance within the body. It helps to determine the appropriate course of action regarding remedies and further treatments. It can reveal energetic imbalances pertaining to a wide variety of health issues. There are 40,000 different energetic signatures pre-encoded for testing. This includes scanning the systems of the body, pathogenic issues, toxic stressors, dental, emotional imbalances, food, supplementation, remedies and so much more. It does NOT diagnose; it only gives a reading of energetic imbalances from the frequencies and vibrations of that moment in time.


What happens during a Session?

The system works using brass electrodes held in each hand. A simple circuit is created, and the encoded information is sent to the body as an electromagnetic signal. The body’s response to each of these signals is measured by changes in the electrical resistance of the skin and any imbalanced response is then recorded.


A comprehensive assessment enables us to test the entire body against thousands of these energetic signatures in a short period of time, revealing the root causes of any symptoms. The system automatically scans the stored signatures in that specific test until any resonances are found. If something resonates with the body, it is either seen as something the body is struggling with at that time or as something that the body needs, and a treatment plan will be given to restore equilibrium.

Once all tests have been completed, a pack will be given with a report, remedy (an imprint of the electro-magnetic signatures recorded) and advice. The results will then be assessed, and a treatment plan will be sent via email within 48 working hours.

It is important to bear in mind that the mind/body system reveals health information in layers (like the layers of an onion), and as one layer is dealt with, another will come to the forefront. Each test result and remedy are therefore very different as each layer peels away, and the test doesn’t necessarily reveal all that is happening in the body at one time, but only what the body is capable of dealing with at the time the test is run.

The Qest4 is suitable for babies, children, adults and pets.

The first session can be from 60-90 minutes, including consultation, testing, a full report, a homeopathic remedy and advice. Follow up sessions will include testing, remedy and advice and will take approximately 45-60 minutes.