Goal Setting

Set goals and start to achieve your dreams

Includes two weeks email support | £55

Do you have a dream or desire but you’re not sure how to make it happen? Or perhaps you’re always setting goals, but somehow you never seem to achieve them? If so, you’re certainly not alone. Whilst goal setting is one of the most effective ways of helping you make progress within a defined time, the success of your goals depends on setting the right goals: goals that are exciting but realistic, challenging but not overwhelming, and strategically planned to help you make progress.


Goal setting session

My goal setting session is about identifying what you want to achieve, and then working together to identify the steps you need to take to start making your dreams a reality. With my help, you’ll identify goals that are realistic and emotionally compelling, and we’ll create a route map to help ensure you achieve them.

Health and Lifestyle Coaching

Now is the best moment to unleash the new you!

Wouldn’t it be great to stop punishing yourself for not being where you want to be?

I know how you feel; I’ve been there too.
Countless sleepless nights with recurrent negative thoughts.
Being tired all the time, it feels like every task entails a great effort. You feel bloated and often irritated.
All of the sudden you feel invisible for so many people.
You might think the best years of your life are gone but this is far from true, believe me.
I see life as a book and every chapter can be exciting if you decide them to be, because YOU are the writer.
You can live a life full of purpose and joy but first you need to stop those negative thoughts that aren’t taking you anywhere and start being kind to yourself.

I know, it’s scary to take the decision to change.
I’m sure right now your brain is making up all kind of excuses not to start changing what you don’t like about your life.
This is a very usual mechanism that just locks you up in a spiral of unhealthy thoughts “I want to change my life, but I can’t. I don’t have a strong will, it will be expensive, it will be worthless”. Actually this is the hardest part, deciding to take action.
Since you are here on my website, you are already taking the first step towards that tough decision. It takes guts. I’m very proud of you!

Now Imagine this:

  • Waking up in the morning feeling full of energy and looking forward to starting the day
  • Living a plentiful life without fear
  • Believing anything is possible
  • Finding what you really want to do in life and loving it
  • Being a sexy woman who loves life and feels great in her skin

Let’s be honest, getting there is not going to be easy, it needs a plan, lots of determination and self-care.
Living the life you really want means looking at your insecurities and fears which are stopping you from unleashing the best version of yourself and telling them to shut up.
I believe in you because I know you can do this.
You are not alone.
I want to be there supporting you in every step until the moment you will be able to walk through life feeling your best in years.
Because I’ve been there too and I know how hard it can be sometimes.
But I tell you, it feels so damn good to be the best YOU.

Are you ready for change?

Transform your life and your health in 2021

5 coaching sessions during lockdown | £250

Do you want to feel amazing in 2021? How would it feel if this year, you achieved your goals, and increased your energy levels, happiness and self-worth? Would you love to develop a lifestyle that includes eating well, and exercising in a way that you love and that benefits your health not just your looks?

Personal lockdown coaching

I’ll work with you to help you transform your life, from identifying your aspirations and dreams and setting some realistic goals, to looking at your diet and exercise regime. This coaching package includes energy testing with useful insights about any digestive problems, food sensitivity, stress weight gain, menopausal problems or other environmental toxins.

Health Coaching with Ina for a new life full of adventure

My method: the 3 Fs: Fun, Flexible and Free of discipline
Forget labels, diet fads, deprivation and extreme measures
Becoming the best YOU is to feel balanced, vibrant, confident and HAPPY.
Are you ready?

Best YOU  | Three Month Personal Coaching Program

This is how we’ll work together:

  • We’ll have a first Skype session where we talk about your current situation and define your goals together
  • 5 further One Hour Skype sessions over the course of 3 months where we’ll discuss your progress and set new steps
  • In-depth bespoke and personal goals & action plans after each session
  • Email support during the whole duration of the program
  • Access to my portfolio of resources with recipes, easy exercises and helpful readings
  • You will receive a personalised gift after completing the program. Only for you.

Believe me, the best version of yourself is closer than you think.
It’s time to invest in yourself and live a life of your own.


  • Create space for more adventure in the second half of your life
  • Cultivate an aligned life rich with joy and radiance
  • Release stress and find new ways to deal with stressful situations
  • Enjoy a healthy lifestyle – Because your health is vital to live a fantastic life
  • Feel sexy. And for BEST YOU women SEXY means empowered, alive, confident and ready to take on anything life throws at you

Live the life you always wanted

You are not sure if coaching is for you?

Is coaching the right thing for me?

Coaching helps overcome mental blocks and unleash the best part of your potential.

If you are not sure this is for you, try my Laser focus mini session first.

How does a session work?

Every person is unique, so is every Best YOU program. It all depends on your goals and your personal situation.
We’ll find together what works best for you

What if we don’t connect?

This is of course a very important part of the coaching process. We need to connect as human beings.
You can try my Laser focus mini session first and see how it feels.

Laser Focus Mini Session | £40

  • Laser Focus Mini Session

  • We focus on one specific life or health area

  • We put down together a personalised action plan


Then you decide if you want to continue the sessions and enrol on the Best YOU program for more results