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An extraordinary life starts with looking after yourself

Unleash the best part of YOU to live the life you always wanted

Can a health, lifestyle and mindset coach help?

  • You think the best part of your life is gone and nothing exciting is going to happen to you again.

  • You feel tired, bloated, invisible to others.

  • Sometimes it feels like your hormones are dictating your whole life.

I know there’s much more about YOU underneath all that. There’s a fantastic friend, a loving partner, a wonderful woman. If you are not enjoying all aspects of your life, you are not making the most of your time on this planet and that’s a real shame. Because I know you can achieve much more.And I know it, because I’ve been exactly where you are now too.

Trust me, you can love your life again

Ina Messer

Let me be your health coach

Hey there, I’m Ina Messer and I help women to unleash the best part of themselves.
After years of study with some of the best names in this profession I’ve developed a health and life coaching program that works.
Only a few years ago I thought my life was not going to get any better and I would just live on a permanent status quo.
I had been following my husband for several years from country to country, I was a trailing spouse, even if I don’t like this term.
I enjoyed taking care of my family but when my kids grew up and didn’t need me so much anymore I felt empty.
I felt I hadn’t contributed with anything real to this world.
I felt heavy and tired and … unsuccessful
And then it’s when I decided to take ACTION.
I went back to study, I was determined to become the BOSS of my own life.
Being a student of life keeps you youthful, curious, and ready to grab anything life throws at you!
Today I’m living the life I’ve always wanted.
I have my own successful business, healthy relationships around me and I feel more energetic than ever.


You have landed on my website for a reason.

Because you are ready.
You are sick and tired of being sick and tired and you want to take action and regain the control of your life.
You want to enjoy what you do and feel you are making a difference.
Love the way you are, the way you walk through life, the way you love.
You know, our brain is amazing and can be reprogramed at any time in life.
It’s all about changing bad habits. Those things which are preventing you from unleashing the better version of yourself.

Step by step.

Whether you want to lose weight, feel more energetic and attractive, find what you really want to do in life, revive the relationship with your partner or balance the effects of menopause, you are not alone.
We are lots of women who have been also there and one day decided to grab the steering wheel of our lives.
You can also be part of a group of assertive and strong women.
When you stop procrastinating and returning over and over to the same poor excuses you unleash all your potential.
And when you unleash the best YOU, amazing changes start happening:

  • More energy

  • Feeling lighter

  • Believing anything is possible

  • Grabbing opportunities

  • Financial freedom

  • Better and healthier relationships

I am so looking forward to meeting you!

Together we will rediscover what makes you feel alive again.

Love, Ina